Room rental rates & extras

Please call 916-443-5724 or contact us for room rental inquires.


We do allow outside catering to be brought in at no additional charge.

Available Extras:

10ft cradle projection screen
Audio System (includes 2 wireless microphones, portable podium microphone)
Coffee, water, tea service
Coffee, water, tea, soda service

Table Sizes:

Round Tables (60 inch rounds): seats 8-10 people
Large Rectangular (8ft by 3 ft): seats 4-8 people
Small Rectangular (6 ft by 3 ft): seats 3-6 people
Table Linens

Chair Options in Rooms:

3 inch Pagoda Chair (padded) is included in room rental
Black bamboo chairs

Please inquire about special services for WebEx, Webinars, or Computer Training